Ross Cerny – Civil Mediation

Civil Mediation helps you solve problems.

Mediation is a voluntary, informal, and confidential process in which the participants explore alternatives in order to manage and resolve their disputes. It is not like going to court; it is more like a business meeting. You do not have to prove anything or “lose.” In mediation, there is no judge or arbitrator who decides the outcome. The participants decide for themselves, and the mediator helps them reach a mutual agreement.

The mediator does not take sides. To help the participants find a solution that will work, the mediator facilitates communication and understanding by helping speakers to get across what they want to say, and by making sure that the others have heard and understood what has been said. The mediator remains neutral while working with the participants to identify and clarify issues and to develop resolutions.

Our mediator has helped people save time and money by settling disputes involving discrimination, employment, elder abuse, contracts, insurance, real property, professional liability, and personal injury – and more.

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