Practice Areas

Employment Mediation

No matter how well run a business might be, there comes a point when problem solving is needed. It might be a dispute between co-workers, a supervisor and an employee, or between the company and an applicant or former employee. Often, these conflicts result in legal action, which can use up a great deal of time and money for everyone involved. Luckily, there is an easier way to resolve workplace conflicts. Mediation brings everyone together to create a customized solution that is right for all involved.Read More

Business Dispute Mediation

Disputes in the business world are common. Often, the most productive advances in business begin with disputes. Unfortunately, there are also instances in which business disputes tear apart an arrangement and nobody benefits. This is often the case when a dispute must be resolved in a courtroom. It is possible to negotiate a settlement before a dispute makes it to court and this is often the best possible outcome for everyone.Read More

Real Estate Mediation

Real estate transactions can be stressful. Not only are people involved in high-value transactions, they may also be dealing with emotionally charged issues. For a young couple buying their first home or a business owner moving shop, these deals can become emotion-laden. When problems arise, the high emotional and financial stakes can interfere with finding a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. Many of these disputes end up in court, but they don’t have to languish in court.Read More

Construction Mediation

Construction is complex – there are a lot of moving parts. The average construction project has numerous business associates working together for a common goal. Unfortunately, when you bring this many professionals together to work on a single project, things can get out of hand quickly. All too often, construction disputes end up in the courtroom and everyone walks away with a less than satisfactory outcome.Read More